2019 Sponsors

2019 Sponsors

Preparations for the 14th Annual Bike to Work Challenge are underway.  The Challenge encourages people to use alternative forms of transportation to work and encourages other active activities  from May 13th to June 13th.  Biking is the most common form of alternative transportation used but many people choose to walk, carpool or take public transportation.  

More than 100 businesses and over 450 individuals participated in the 13th Annual Portneuf Valley Bike to Work month.  This year we are hosting a Bike to Work Kick-Off event. This event will show case many vendors, businesses and partners that support alternate transportation in our own back yard. For participants you will receive a t-shirt, a wristband and a free BBQ. Several of our vendors will be sharing bike safety techniques, offer tune-ups, demonstrate healthy bike posture and showcase what their businesses are doing for bike to work month in our community. We are super excited to have our Bannock County Sheriffs set up a obstacle  course for you! So bring your bikes and your families down and join in the fun! May 13th , 4-6 pm at Pocatello Old Town Pavilion.  

Bannock Transportation Planning Organization promotes and encourages people to bike and walk for their daily activities.  With the help of our sponsors and many volunteers, we have put together a highly visible event demonstrating that alternative forms of transportation, like biking, are a viable and fun way to get to work.

Through out the month we will also have weekly drawings and prizes for our participants. We appreciate all of our sponsors and the donations that they have made to make this event a success!


2019  Sponsors